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Migrating emails from Your Rutgers Account to ScarletMail

This document is intended for current Rutgers account users (Clam, Eden, and Pegasus)  who wish to migrate their email messages to ScarletMail. 

ScarletMail does NOT recognize subfolders. Additionally, the current suite of migration tools available elsewhere on the Internet will NOT look in the subfolders of your Rutgers account. 

If email within your Rutgers account is kept in folders, you will have to manually migrate them to your ScarletMail account using the procedure below.

This document has three parts:

1.      Gathering Necessary Information

2.      Configuring mail programs to access both your Rutgers and ScarletMail accounts

3.      Migrating your Rutgers email to ScarletMail

Part 1: Gathering Necessary Information

The following information will be needed to migrate emails to your ScarletMail account:
  • A Rutgers NetID and Password
  • ScarletMail Email Address
  • Google Apps Mobile Password.  This is different from your Rutgers NetID password.  The Google Apps Mobile Password will ONLY be used for accessing ScarletMail from a program like Thunderbird, Outlook, or mobile device.  If you do not remember your Mobile Password you can change it by going to the NetID Management and Services Activation Page and clicking on the link Manage Your ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password. You will be asked to log in with your Rutgers NetID and password and then you will be given the option to set your ScarletApps password.
  • An Email reading program like Thunderbird, Outlook, or MacMail
Part 2: Configuring mail programs to access both your Rutgers and ScarletMail accounts

If you are not already using an email reading program to read your Rutgers Email, you will have to configure one.  Documentation on how to do this can be found at:

Now, you need to configure the program to connect to the ScarletMail account.  The following documentation to help you with this procedure is listed below:

Part 3: Migrating your Rutgers email to ScarletMail

Now, you can start moving messages from your Rutgers Email account to your ScarletMail account. In many instances, you can simply click and drag messages from one account to the other. You can also select multiple messages at once by holding the Control key and selecting individual messages or simply by holding down the Control and the A key (or the Command and the A key on Macintosh) to select all of the messages in the folder.


Messages greater than 25 Mb in size will NOT be migrated to ScarletMail.