ScarletMail Audit Information


ScarletMail accounts will be deleted the morning of: Thursday, Apr 05 2018


Examples of accounts that are most likely to be affected include:

  • Users who are no longer affiliated with Rutgers University
  • Alumni who have not yet officially graduated
  • Students who have left the university for any reason
  • Students who are NOT registered for any classes at Rutgers this semester
  • Guests who are no longer at Rutgers University
  • Expired Guests who need to renew their guest status
  • Faculty/Staff who are no longer at Rutgers University
  • Retiree/Emeritus who have not gotten their official designation


What does this mean for me?

Deleted users' files, documents, webpages, and email will be rendered unusable on the account deletion date. These files will not be available to those users who are no longer affiliated with Rutgers University. These files will be purged from the system, and be completely unrecoverable, 8 weeks after the account deletion date.


What should I do before the account is deleted?

If you will be losing your Scarletmail account, you may want to take some of the following steps.
  • You need to take this time to download and move all important files/documents/webpages/email off of the account, onto either another account or a desktop system. You need to transition them to another account before the deletion date. For information on moving your files/email to Google. You do not need to "clean out" the account for us.
  • Notify your regular correspondents, mailing lists, etc., about your change of address. We cannot forward mail from a deleted account to another address.
  • If you have a web page, transfer it to another account, if possible. Replace the main page (usually index.html) with one either giving your page's new address or announcing the eventual closure of the page.


What if I'm a current student, alumnus, guest, retiree, emeritus, faculty or staff member?

If your account/NetID was erroneously placed on the list scheduled to be deleted, first contact (or the Help Desk) to save your account from deletion. The Help Desk will also need to verify your affiliation with Rutgers University. The next action you should take will depend on your affiliation.

Students: If you are registered for classes, you will need to speak with the Registrar to confirm why you are not currently listed as a student. If you are not registered for classes, we will need confirmation that your school, department or dean supports the continuation of your account. Continuation is available only in exceptional circumstances (e.g. medical leave, military leave, registration/financial aid problems, study abroad, etc.) and requires documentation from your dean or department chair.

Alumni: Alumni are only eligible to keep their ScarletMail Accounts if they graduated from Rutgers with a degree. If you have graduated but will not be walking until this May, have your dean send mail to on your behalf asking that your account be saved.

Guests: If you were sponsored for a Guest NetID, you should speak with your sponsor about submitting a guest renewal form. Sponsors can submit a renewal form using the Guest NetID Request Tool.

Faculty/Staff: If you are currently working for the University, speak with your HR representative to confirm you are listed as active in the payroll system. If you work for the University but are not being paid by the University, you may need to apply for a Guest NetID instead.

Retired Faculty/Staff or Emeritus Faculty: You may be eligible to keep your ScarletMail account if you meet certain HR guidelines. For more information, see Retiree Services.


How do I know my account will be saved?

If you have been in contact with the Help Desk, you can use the check your audit status lookup. Please note that the page updates daily, so any change in status might not be reflected until the next business day. If your NetID comes up as SAVED, your account will remain active until the next audit. If you are unable to view the page, contact (or the Help Desk) to confirm your status.


If my account was already deleted, how can I restore my files?

If your account has already been deleted, you can follow the steps listed above for "What if I'm a current student, almunus, guest, retiree, emeritus, faculty or staff member?" to re-establish your account. If you do not meet any of the criteria as an active University affiliate but still need to recover files, you may contact and your situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Any requests received on or after May 31 2018 may permit you to re-create a ScarletMail account, but do not guarantee restoration of files that were on the account.


For any additional questions or concerns:

Email, or contact your Campus Computing Help Desk.

You can also check the ScarletMail web page for student computing information:

Return to the account audit home page.